Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Your Last Day?

In 1992 Harold Camping of Family Radio Stations advised us all in his book, 1994, that the world would come to an end in 1994, when Christ returned. When that date came and went revisions were made based on better revelation and more research. The end of it all is now May 21, 2011, according to Mr. Camping and he has a world of data to base it on.

I was skeptical in 1992 and felt somewhat justified by the need for a revised date. But there is a serious question here – what should I be doing, just in case?

You see, we all accept that the world will end.  So, let’s get right to it – – if you were certain that the world would come to an end tomorrow, what would you do? Really think about this. I am not talking about some distant tomorrow – take today’s date and add a day! That’s it! Now, what would you do?


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  1. You have gone too far my friend. You and your doomsday group should develop a broader reading list



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